Love in Venice


Venice has always been the dream destination for all lovers. Now, starting from today, you too could crown your romance by promising your love to one another and putting an everlasting seal on your union. Regardless of your religious, political or social background, we will confirm your commitment to love with a unique ceremony that holds no civil or religious bond, yet represents a universal declaration of your unique, incomparable love – and all topped off by the magical charm of the floating city in an emotive, one-of-a-kind ceremony. Your love – whether heterosexual or homosexual – will be awarded a seal and a certificate to commemorate one of the most important moments of your life as a couple.
Splendid settings such as gondolas, Venetian palazzos, secret gardens or even a trip around the lagoon provide the ideal altars upon which to declare your mutual vows of love. The ceremony can be conducted in any of the main international languages, with a representative of the Queen of the Adriatic there to put the seal on your vows. At the end of the proceedings, you will be awarded a certificate confirming the ceremony and a commemorative medal.
Love in Venice… your dream made reality!